Acrow Bridge

Minimum purchase starting at 100 ft.
30 ft. wide road bridge sections available


  • 2200’/670m of Pre-owned Acrow 700 XS Truss Bridge Available for Sale
  • Modular bridge system capable of meeting almost any bridge need
  • Fully disassembled and ready to be containerized or barged
  • Location: Quincy, MA


  • Purchase a pre-owned Acrow Bridge for less than the price of new bridge
  • Invest in an asset that lowers costs, helping to win more bids and increase margins
  • The Acrow bridge can be used again and again, shortening the investment payback period


  • As the owner of an Acrow bridge your capabilities expand
  • Can be configured to suit nearly any width, length and strength requirements
  • Combining a truss with a barge will allow loading and offloading of equipment in difficult to reach locations
  • Heavy load capacity makes Acrow bridge spans ideal construction site ramps
  • Can be used for pipeline networks


  • Easily and quickly installed as temporary bridge during bridge replacement/repair work
  • Can be used and re-used
    • Higher profitability and ease of re-use means that the investment pays for itself over time
  • Temporary detour bridges increase worker and motorist safety vs. “phased approach” where traffic lanes are shifted on bridge under construction as project progresses
  • Shorter project timelines vs. phased approach increases profitability
  • Ideal for disaster recovery and maintenance of key supply lines
  • Having an inventory of Acrow bridges on hand allows for rapid deployment in the wake of natural disaster


  • Long estimated design life
  • Virtually maintenance-free
    • Hot-tipped galvanized steel provides high durability
  • Designed to carry American and European railway loadings, including the American Cooper E80 load, the heaviest train loading in the US
    • Deployed to and constructed in hard-to-reach environments more easily than competing bridge systems
    • Low weight and modular design allows for ease of transport versus steel beam and pre-fab concrete bridges
  • Ideal for use in developing countries
    • Can be constructed using local labor


  • Style: Acrow Panel 700XS Truss (Bailey Bridge)
  • 2200 ft/670m of bridge span
  • Simple spans up to 250’, Multiple span bridges of any length
  • Width: 30’ wide
  • Bridge & Deck Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel
  • Deck Surface: Epoxy Coated
  • Age: 15 years, in good condition (Manufacturer Coating Life Expectancy: 75 years)
  • Overall Loading Capacity Options: HS15-44, HS20-44, HS25-44, HL93
  • Design Standards: 1996 AAHTO specs and 1998 AAHTO Moveable bridge specs
  • Fully disassembled and ready to be barged or containerized
  • Price available upon request

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